Creating something everyday. Let’s begin

2 min readJan 25, 2021

What do I struggle with

The last night I watched Seth Godin talking about life in general and how the internet has revolutionized the way our society has evolved because of it. He said that the industrial revolution has ended and the way approach opportunities, learning and earning in life is dramatically changed. So after watching hours of his videos in pursuit of learning something helpful, I found a lot of good stuff. One advice that he gave was to do something over and over again until it becomes your habit. And writing a piece of content every single day no matter how good or bad it is! Doing it with consistency.

So today I'm just going to talk about something that I think I struggle with and hope that some of you find some relevance and meaning in it as well. I struggle with sharing my thoughts with random people.

What keeps me from doing this

I don't know exactly what keeps me from sharing my thoughts and my ideas with others but I think I have an idea of what factors may cause that.

  • Fear of judgment — By far the most pronounced thought that comes to my mind is this and I think it's very common with most people
  • Waiting for the perfect time to come — Other than the fear of judgement I think there is an internal dissatisfaction that if I share something, my work, my idea, my thoughts maybe they are incomplete and hence not yet perfect to be shared with anyone.
  • I'm lazy and I don't want to put in the work — that's self-explanatory, but then I also hate myself for doing that

I think all these factors combined have caused me not to share anything, with anyone

I think by producing a piece of content every single day, no matter how bad it is… I will eventually get better at this and forming a structure to how am I going to do this

I think what I'm going to do it to create a piece of website section or maybe a graphic or maybe learn and implement something totally new every day but I think it's important that instead of sticking to on a single piece of content

Making a piece of content every day as my habit is more important than the actual content being produced.


I'll be honest, when I initially started writing this piece of content I wasn't really in the flow and struggled to write the initial lines, but gradually after writing all these sentences without thinking about the judgment of the work, I'm able to write without slowing down or thinking about what its gonna look like and I think there is an important key take away here.

Make a piece of content without having an intent to make the best version of it and then let your intuition and inner creativity fill all the gaps in and over time, you will get great at whatever you are doing.

So here it is… my first piece of content. I hope this act of motivation turns into a habit.