Create something everyday — Day 3

1 min readJan 27, 2021


Expert advice is costly $$$. And I'm loving it ;)

Okay, so today I was reached by a client demanding a website with some custom sliders. The layout and the design were very easy so I quoted him my regular rate… but who knew there would be a twist.

Seems like the slider we were trying to make using Webflow (website builder I use to make websites) was not as simple as we thought.
So it required some custom code.

I talked to the client and explained the solution… and just because the solution involved custom code in it I said that the price would increase.

And it turns out… us being the experts could now charge 50% extra for a solution that only took us 1 hour to figure out :D
I can’t explain the joy I feel after making 50% extra on the initial order.

I think I'm gonna have a great sleep tonight.

P.S. my fiance isn't so happy about the fact that we couldn't talk today… I'm sorry for that if you’re reading this (: